Equity Overview

Texas Commercial Mortgage sources and originates several types of equity for the acquisition, rehabilitation, renovation, redevelopment and ground-up construction of apartments, retail centers, office buildings, industrial office warehouses and hotels.

Equity Financing & Joint Venture Equity Loans for apartment complexes in Houston

Access to equity in order to fully capitalize your project can come from a variety of sources ranging from high net worth individuals to well capitalized financial institutions like life insurance companies and retirement and pension funds.

Equity is generally divided into two main categories. The first category is often referred to as Equity Financing or less commonly referred to as an Equity Loan. Equity Loans are a type of nontraditional real estate financing available to property owners who desire higher amounts of leverage. This type of nontraditional real estate financing used most often by investors, property owners and developers is commonly referred to as Preferred Equity. The second category of equity that does not involve lending money is simply referred to as Joint Venture Equity.

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